Scribbles – Adam R. Mintz

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They may not
mean much.
These words.
Scribbles, born of boredom—
one may think.

One may be right.

The truth is,
pushing down those keys, this pen,
these scribbles—
is simply, ultimately,
Just as one sips coffee, or seeds, or cigarettes.

They may not
build me an empire.
My cluster of verses.
As good as a pile of dirt—
one may think.

One may be right.

But maybe—
if I keep my pen low,
if I persistently add dirt to that pile—
maybe some night or morn, in some form… Something
may grow.

Until then—
I keep my head low.

About the contributor: Magdiel is a frequent poet, writer of short stories, and often goes by his pen name, Adam R. Mintz. His writing experience amounts to 4 years, and several contributions to publications still in progress. Find him on tumblr blog.

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