What I Would Have Told You – Linda Imbler

Free photo of people woman

Please use your earlier bending
toward a loving heart
to soften your hard eyes.
Pour in less quick-hardening concrete to caulk
your ducts against flowing tears
is what I would have told you
if you had given me the chance.
Correct the begrudging limp of your compassion.
It’s the excessive result of all your minions
digging how you move.
Know that construction workers of idoltary
are wise to use hearts as foundations
is what I would have told you
if you had given me the chance.

Retire your heartless psychotherapy.
Do not accept the job as a dastardly logician.
Your rudimentary correctness
keeps you too insensitive.
Being passionate about small things
is a beautiful obligation
to bettering oneself
is what I would have told you
if you had given me the chance.

The chances you now take will be your own.
Just let me tell you that I will still be here,
heeding my own advice,
when the crash of your world arrives.

About the contributor: Linda Imbler is the author of four poetry collections published at Amazon. Soma Publishing published two of her poetry books and one poetry-short fiction hybrid. She began writing in earnest five years ago. In addition to putting pen and paper to inventive use, Linda is an avid reader. This writer, yoga practitioner, and classical guitar player lives in Wichita, Kansas with her husband, Mike the Luthier, several quite intelligent saltwater fish, and an ever-growing family of gorgeous guitars. She’s been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and several Best of the Net awards. Learn more at her blog.

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