A Living Fable – Tom Ball


It was a living fable. All the animals were born with the ability to speak and had no instincts, just their imagination.

Some said, “They were just holograms, others said they were androids. Still others said they were just computer projections.”

Most of the animals couldn’t use their hands for anything other than walking.

But many of the animals had special powers. Like Mind Reading Technology (MRT) and flying without wings and the ability to become invisible.

The animals were turned on by other species of animals, but some were too big or too small to breed with other animals. But those who could were able to have offspring. It was just the way it was.

And they were great moralists, with a lesson for all from each experience.

Life was an experiment for these people. And they tried to become wise.

Just like the mouse men, who were diminutive, but had a lot of experience. And said, “Good things come in small packages.” Wise mice just like other wise animals were admired and listened to by they younger generations.

And the oldest, the most venerable, were respected above all. Just to survive in this crazy World for 100 years or more was considered a great achievement. No matter were they mice or lions.

And animals all had enhanced intelligence and could communicate with MRT in a complete kind of way. For example, they could do MRT together with a number of different species all at once. MRT made all the animals into geniuses.

And they were said to have taken drugs, even if they were a hologram or android, drugs which made them cleverer. But they kept and treasured their species’ instincts. Every animal was clever.

The ultimate moral for the best fable was, “The strong rule.”

I came to this fabulous World and felt it was wild and crazy. I appeared as a wolf man.

I was turned on by a cheetah woman who said in my mind with MRT, “Take action on the wild side.” I thought to her: “Do you love as fast as you run?” She said, “Indeed I do.” So, we got it on. It was perverse, it was crazy and afterwards I was so embarrassed, tears came to my eyes. As for the cheetah woman she ran away. I wondered if I had impregnated her.

The animals had no one leader. So, it was anarchy.

But gangs were forbidden, if you formed a gang all the animals would gang up on you.

It was freedom, and food was automatic, stem cell meat, so there were no more hunts, and everyone lived in peace here.

About the contributor: Tom ball published 12 short stories and 130 flash. And one novella. “PBW Magazine,” 820 flash and 10 short stories. “Conceit Magazine,” and its imprints: dozens and dozens of short pieces. “Gargoyle Magazine,” several pieces and “Spillwords,” also several pieces. And several pieces in “Fleas on the Dog.” I have also appeared in “Poetry Pacific,” postcardshorts and “Lone Star Magazine” and others.

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