From The Fountain To Ocean – Saikat Gupta Majumdar


Photo Credit Goes To Daveks

The fountain there in the town
Up from the hill coming down

Joins with the river below
To give it a speedy flow,

As it comes from the high
It’s really charming to the eye,

And flows speedily in whirlpool
As a tyrant king ruins with no rule,

But the motion changes then
The river gradually spreads when,

And gets slow to slower
With the sands in and little stones with her,

Then mixes slowly to the blue
From sea to ocean, from one to another view.

About the contributor:  Saikat Gupta Majumdar, an amateur poet. He write Poems, skmRhymes and Captions both in English and Bengali. He belong to a Bengali family . His schooling was done from ‘The Scottish Church Collegiate School’. He completed his graduation from Calcutta University in 1992. Currently he’s work in a private concern in ‘Accounts Department’. His dream is to get established as a poet.

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