And They Didn’t Meet Again In This Life – Pratidhwani Biswal


The wind was blowing faster as compared to other days. The leaves were swinging merrily. The branches were singing songs of happiness. The sky was shining with rays of hope. Wearing a pink skirt and white top, she was blinking her eyelids in response to the sun rays. As usual he was wearing a matching white shirt to his lady love. He was driving his bike, the dream of every boy. Sitting behind him, earphones plugged in her ears, she was cherishing the nature. It was their habit to go on long drives. Their love was pure and away from this cruel society. While her earphones played her favourite song, ‘lag jaa gale, ke phir ye hasi raat ho na ho… ke sayad phir iss janam me mulaqat ho na ho’, which meant ‘Oh love, embrace me in your arms, don’t know if we can ever get this night again, don’t know if we are ever going to meet again in this life…’, her lips were busy coordinating with the lyrics. He could see her smile in the rear view mirror, and was smiling too. He asked her for her hands, and as usual she leaned down on this back, holding him in his waist. Hands on hands, the speedometer was out of their sight. And a blink later, there was a truck running towards them horizontally in the upcoming crossing. Oh Alas! By the time, the brakes could work, the destiny had done its work. Moments later, when she opened her eyes, the vision was still blurred. She could see nobody around. It took couple of moments for her to get back to her senses. Her white top was having stains of blood. She was still confused. And the second she turned behind………… ‘Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo…..’ only thing she could see was his body. The body smeared with blood. His white shirt was no more plain white. It was like, someone had dyed it with pure red ink. She could hardly manage standing up and ran towards him. She held the body in her hands and hugged it tight. ‘You cannot leave me. No, please open your eyes. For god’s sake, please!!! Someone help me. Please. Help! help!’ these were the only words that uttered repeatedly from her lips. His body was silent, quite and slowly going numb. His fingers were lifeless. His body was bleeding badly. She could feel his weight on her thighs, the weight of a lifeless thing. She was still holding him on her laps, his head on her thighs. The blood from his head had smeared her pink skirt. She was not ready to let go of him. She squeezed him hard, held his head closer to her chest. ‘Baby, please wake up. I know, you cannot leave me like this. You know I can’t stay without you’. Streams of tears were flowing. Her eyes had no control over them. She was screaming for help, screaming at that numb body of his to get up. She could not believe what had happened. It was beyond even her wildest imaginations, a life without him. His body was sliding down her lap, she was pulling it back to her. She hugged him tight and cried. ‘Please, open your eyes. Please. I cannot stay without you. Please!!!’ And she lost her senses. The next moment when she opened her eyes, she found her mother sitting beside her. Her eyes started searching for the love of her life. Her mother tried consoling her, but nothing was left. At that point, she could hear her father’s phone ringing, ‘lag jaa gale, ke phir ye hasi raat ho na ho… ke sayad phir iss janam me mulaqat ho na ho’… She broke down into tears. She cried for hours. Yes, she could never meet him again in this life…


About the contributor: Pratidhwani Biswal, a born poet, from Koraput district of IMG_20190122_142241.jpgOdisha, India loves to write from heart. Pursuing her career in Aerospace Engineering, but is very passionate about writing poems. In her world of space, she always has a special place for poetry. Writing poems is not just a hobby for her, but an addiction that she never wants to give up. She feels, poetry is an emotion and a way of expressing the world through the tip of pen Being daughter of a poetess, she considers her Parents as her inspiration. Her poetry has been published in state anthologies, “Whispering hearts”, “Whispering Poesies”, international anthology “Leaves of the poet tree”, funny poetries in “Giggling pens 2”. Her writings have also been published in “Herstry blogs”.

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