Life As It Ends – Ali Akbar Abedi


Here I lie on which
They call a death bed,
But I’m rather in
in a deep sleep.
Now it’s time to
Rest in Peace.

In this most actual form of Peace
They say, where not even myself I feel!
Feeling nothing is actual peace for you
Tell me please, O Men! Isn’t it a bit askew?
I lived it to the fullest in every stage
I played my part in rage and even in quest of Sage.
O Lament not my friend! I played my part
Let me now rest, it’s time to part.

O thee! You remembered my will, brought me my Epitaph
Kindly bury me besides the Cherry Blossom’s graph.
For it will grow and one day it will bloom
And with those flowers on you I will swoon.
O my friend! As loyal as Pythias
Return to me with my favourite Forsythias.
And O thee! Here holding my hand you weep
Your Damon can hear your lament even in Peace.

Remember me Pythias and remember our strolls
And remember those roads in front of us which unfold.
Remember all the joys we had and our laughter
It has counted here and it will count in hereafter.

And now they close the coffin
A teardrop of Pythias’ fell on his Damon’s cheek.
It’s moist I can feel
And maybe now I will,
Rest in Peace.

About the contributor: Ali Akbar Abedi is an aspiring writer from India. He is a student Edited in Lumia Selfieof English Literature at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. His first book, My Confined Thoughts got released in 2017. Apart from writing and reading he loves motorcycling. Catch him on mail at

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