Fetching – Jen Goldie


She agreed to acquiesce to the terms of her employment,

but was reluctant to follow through with all of the conditions.

The agreement suggested she would basically have to roll over and play dead when it came to her choices. She knew she’d have to adjust accordingly to maintain her position.

“So! Ms. Johnson. Are you getting used to our rules?”

“So far I’ve had no objections.” She said obligingly.

“Well then you won’t mind serving us some coffee after

you’ve made it.”

“I’d accommodate you, but I’ve never made coffee.”

“Then you’ll learn something new for your resume.”

“I gather that, somehow, you haven’t seen my resume.”

“I don’t think I need to. By the way, what is that dossier you’re holding?”

“My twenty page resume. Would you care to read it?”

“I’ll fetch the coffee.”

About the contributor: Jen Goldie was born in Toronto, Ontario. She is a writer of
Poetry and short stories. She primarily writes stories and poems to, as she says, make you think.



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