Even When – Richard Doiron


Even when the sky is dark
The earth can yet rejoice
The flint has yet its spark
The singer yet his voice

Even when the hill is high
There’s yet the finish line
And yet a reason why
There bubbles yet the wine

Even when the light is low
There is as yet the moon
Some song as yet to know
For sure as yet a tune

Even when one falls asleep
There is as yet the stream
Where yet the fishes leap
Where yet there is a dream
About the contributor: Richard Doiron, published 50 years; author and poet; recipient Richard Doiron, Vancouver, BC May 26, 2012of international lifetime achievement awards; 2019 nominated as World Poet Laureate; work read at the United Nations; participant in numerous national and international literary festivals. Estimated 1000 poems published.


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